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Help create a world where all people attain optimal iodine nutrition and children can reach their full cognitive potential.

GAIN's Salt Iodization work protects against the most common cause of preventable brain damage at about 20 cents per person.

To facilitate tax-advantaged giving for US donors, gifts made through this page will be directed to GiveWell (which is tax deductible in the US, receives no fee for this role, and has final discretion in where gifts will be regranted) with explicit instructions that the gifts are intended to be used for the support of GAIN's Universal Salt Iodization program.


Canadian donors can make tax-advantaged gifts through Charity Science. Swiss and German donors can give tax-deductibly via Giordano Bruno Stiftung. Gifts through these intermediaries will be earmarked specifically for GAIN's Universal Salt Iodization work.

If you choose to give through a means other than this page, please indicate to GAIN that The Life You Can Save helped influence your gift. This helps TLYCS track its impact.

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