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Teach people the skills to get the most out of their giving

Your support for the Giving Game Project helps spread awareness of the importance of effective giving. We're teaching thousands of people a year how to get the most out of their giving, all because of donors like you. Any size gift you can make will help us expand our philanthropy education work.

Donation details

Donations to the Giving Game Project are tax-deductible for US donors to the extent allowed by law.

Gifts made through this page will go to The Life You Can Save, a registered nonprofit, and will be used to fund the operational expenses of The Giving Game Project.

If you'd like your gift to be used to sponsor Giving Games, you have two options.

1) Donate through this page, and indicate in the "Note" field that your gift is intended for sponsorship purposes. Your gift will be used for operational expenses, but we'll re-allocate an equal amount of unrestricted funding from operation expenses to sponsorship. So the net effect is that your entire gift will provide additional Giving Game sponsorship. We've provided this option to allow you to make an online credit card donation to help sponsor Giving Games.

2) You can donate directly to The Giving Game Fund, a donor advised fund administered by Fidelity Charitable. To donate, fill out this form using Giving Account Number 1046151. Donations can be made by check, wire transfer, or by transferring stocks or mutual funds.

Please don't hesitate to email with any questions.

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    Love what you are doing.
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    Good luck with the project in the new year!
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    Keep up the good work.
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    From JS Winchell
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    Thanks for answering my questions Jon! Hope to offer more support in the future!