Raise money for a great cause!

Run a fundraiser to support one of The Life You Can Save's recommended charities

Want to know how you can help one of The Life You Can Save's best recommended charities without spending a dime? The secret is fundraising!

Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for effective charities, while also letting your friends and family know why these organizations deserve their support.

One of the easiest way to rise money for the global poor is to ask for donations in lieu of receiving birthday, holiday, or wedding presents. These celebrations are a great time to spread the word about the importance of effective giving without appearing too pushy, and you'll most likely find that your friends and family will be receptive to learning about how they can help!

You can also run other types of fundraisers like a fun run, polar bear plunge, or car wash for charity. As the Ice Bucket Challenge showed, it pays to be creative!

How to get started

1) Click the charity you'd like to support below
2) Click "Start Your Fundraiser"
3) Follow the simple instructions to set up your fundraising page. You can continue to edit your page using the "Edit" button at the top of the page.
4) Once your page looks the way you want it to, click "Submit for review" at the top of the page
5) When your page has been approved, you'll get an email providing a link you can share
6) Share the link to your fundraiser and ask your friends to support your campaign

If you have questions, contact us at admin@email.thelifeyoucansave.org

Having trouble finding the "Edit" or "Submit for review" buttons? Check the top of the page, under the red banner:

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